2nd International Conference of the Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA)

2nd International Conference of the Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA)

Dear Public Administration Scholars fellows,

on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Conference of the Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA), I invite you to join our conference as non-presenting participants.
The conference will be held at University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, on 7-9 February 2011.

We are sorry to cannot invite you as presenters, since the process of proposal submission has ended since October 2010. We already got papers to be presented. Participants come from various countries in Asia, such as India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

To become a non-presenting participants (which we called as “Discussants”, you will have to send an email to this address:
aapa2011@ilmu-administrasi.ui.ac.id telling the reason why you want to join the conference, what do you expect from the conference, and what sub-theme attracts you most. We, then, will send you the registration form to be filled and returned.

The conference registration fee is Rp 450.000 which can be transferred to FISIP Universitas Indonesia, BNI KCU UI, Acc. No.1273000295. Please scan and attach the bank transfer receipt along with the filled registration form.

During the conference, we suggest you to stay at one of this two hotels:
1. Wisma Makara Universitas Indonesia
2. Hotel Bumi Wiyata
Wisma Makara rated around Rp 350.000++/night, while Hotel Bumi Wiyata rated around Rp 550.000++/night. Please choose the most suitable hotel for your condition.

Below are few other information for your consideration.
We are looking forward to hearing your positive response. For further information please message me at imam.alfie@ui.ac.id or at aapa2011@ilmu-administrasi.ui.ac.id. Thank you very much.

Imam Alfie
AAPA Conference General Secretary

Conference Schedule:
Monday, 7 Feb 2011
09.00-12.00 : Plennary Session
Speakers: Jon S.T. Quah (National Univ. of Singapore)
Eko Prasojo (Univ. of Indonesia)
Pan Suk Kim (Yonsei University)
Suryo Bambang Sulisto (Kadin Indonesia)
Moderator: Prijono Tjiptoherijanto (Univ. of Indonesia)

14.00-16.30 : Parallel Session 1
19.00-21.00 : Gala Dinner

Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011
08.30-10.30 : Parallel Session 2
10.45-12.45 : Parallel Session 3
14.00-16.00 : Parallel Session 4
16.00-17.30 : Closing Ceremony and AAPA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, 9 Feb 2011
08.30-14.30 : Excursion to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


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